Never Let a Crisis go to Waste: Gun Control

Here I am again quoting President Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel. It seems the left can’t put partisan politics aside even in one of the most trying times in American history.  They have used this pandemic to push for universal basic income, rent control, governmental control of private businesses and now gun control. Elizabeth Warren, one of the most disgusting, spineless, flip flopping politicians … Continue reading Never Let a Crisis go to Waste: Gun Control

WHO Ignored Taiwan’s COVID-19 Warning

The WHO has been under heavy scrutiny lately for it’s response to the novel coronavirus and it’s apparent kowtowing to the Chinese Communist Party, or CCP. Monday, Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare, MOHW, Tweeted out an email they sent to the WHO on December 31st warning of a new illness in China that shows symptoms similar to pneumonia and SARS. Taiwan claims that, because … Continue reading WHO Ignored Taiwan’s COVID-19 Warning

“Cancel Rent” Proclaims US Congresswoman

There are a lot of ideas that have been discussed about how to best deal with the economic downfall that resulted from the governmental shutdown of almost all private businesses.  Small business loans, $1200 checks to almost every American and pumping 35.2 billion taxpayer dollars into the mortgage market are all ideas that have already been implemented.  Rep. Ilhan Omar, the self-proclaimed democratic socialist Congresswoman … Continue reading “Cancel Rent” Proclaims US Congresswoman

US Hints at Slashing Funding for WHO

Today, President Trump suggested that he would consider cutting spending to the World Health Organization, or WHO, due to their handling of COVID-19 and helping China downplay the severity of the outbreak. He tweeted, “The W.H.O. really blew it. For some reason, funded largely by the United States, yet very China centric. We will be giving that a good look. Fortunately I rejected their advice … Continue reading US Hints at Slashing Funding for WHO

5 Government Regulations Set Aside in the name of Public Safety

It takes a worldwide pandemic for the government to see that their so called public safety regulations actually have an opposite result from what was intended.  With COVID-19 spreading like a wildfire the government has loosened up on a few regulations in the name of public safety.  If no longer enforcing these regulations is good for public safety why were they enacted at all some … Continue reading 5 Government Regulations Set Aside in the name of Public Safety

The COVID-19 Constitutional Crisis

The fifth amendment of the Constitution requires the government to pay “just compensation” when it takes private property and uses it for the public good. It says “…nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” Does this apply when the government forcefully shuts down private company’s for the common good? This is no longer just a theoretical question of constitutional law, … Continue reading The COVID-19 Constitutional Crisis

Saying “Chinese Virus” is not Racist

The Statement above has become a controversial statement over the last week or two.  During this time, the media have been going gangbusters with the notion that calling the novel coronavirus, that started in the wet markets of Wuhan, China, the “Chinese Virus” is a racist slur that is leading to an increase in racist attacks against Asian Americans.  This assertion is patently false and … Continue reading Saying “Chinese Virus” is not Racist

The Socialist States of America

While the news cycle is spending 24 hours a day on the novel coronavirus there is another virus starting to spread through out the United States, socialism.  The national takeover of the private sector is showing slightly in the open light but is occurring mostly in the shadows. Openly we are seeing the federal government telling private business whether or not they can conduct business.  … Continue reading The Socialist States of America

Is COVID-19 the Last Blow for the Mainstream Media?

This is old form of news is dying.  24 hour broadcasting channels, newspapers, magazines are going by the wayside.  With the changes in technology and the way Americans get their news its well known that old forms of news were on their last legs.  Is COVID-19 going to be the straw that broke the camels back? Everyone knew print media was dead.  The way that … Continue reading Is COVID-19 the Last Blow for the Mainstream Media?