WHO Ignored Taiwan’s COVID-19 Warning

The WHO has been under heavy scrutiny lately for it’s response to the novel coronavirus and it’s apparent kowtowing to the Chinese Communist Party, or CCP.

Monday, Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare, MOHW, Tweeted out an email they sent to the WHO on December 31st warning of a new illness in China that shows symptoms similar to pneumonia and SARS.

Taiwan claims that, because they mentioned an “atypical pneumonia” and mentioned it’s similarity to SARS, they were warning of a possiblity of human to human transmission. Taiwan says they could not confirm this because there were no cases in Taiwan at this time

The WHO tweeted, as late as January 14th, that there was no evidence of human to human transmission of the novel coronavirus. This, along with a bevy of other evidence, is just another sign that the WHO and it’s parent, the UN, just parroted the propaganda that the CCP want them to. I have already written about the UN and WHO seemingly being in the CCP’s pocket (see links bove.)

President Donald Trump has hinted at the US potentially slashing it’s funding of the WHO, which receives most of it’s funding from the US.

If the WHO did ignore warning signs from Taiwan and, instead, chose to just release CCP propaganda the WHO has blood on its hands for the more than 120,000 dead worldwide.

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