5 Government Regulations Set Aside in the name of Public Safety

It takes a worldwide pandemic for the government to see that their so called public safety regulations actually have an opposite result from what was intended.  With COVID-19 spreading like a wildfire the government has loosened up on a few regulations in the name of public safety.  If no longer enforcing these regulations is good for public safety why were they enacted at all some may ask.  As the owl in the Tootsie-Pop commercials say “the world may never know.” (We saved the best for last)

  1. Doctors can finally provide healthcare across state lines (for the most part.)  While this is not in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) or federal government jurisdiction because it is a state by state regulation.  In the face of the novel coronavirus most states have waived these restrictions allowing doctors to go where they are needed instead of what state they’re physically located in.
  2.  The TSA has laxed their strict requirements on liquid in a container.  Since 2006 having anymore than 3.4 fl oz of liquid in one container was extremely dangerous.  Now, the TSA is allowing up to 12 oz bottles of hand sanitizer
  3. Continuing with hand sanitizer, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (a bureau I have never heard of… but hate) is allowing distilleries to produce hand sanitizer with out jumping through hoops a ton of red tape including permits, bonds, authorization, formula approval, and taxes
  4. Medicare is now paying for telemedicine meaning that medicare recipients can now see a doctor via skype or facetime.  This makes a lot of sense with how contagious the coronavirus.  On an overall basis, not factoring in COVID-19, this makes a lot of sense because most medicare recipients are either elderly or have physical problem and a plurality of them have difficulty leaving the house.
  5. Finally, the CDC stopped its monopoly on testing for COVID-19.  This is, by far the most important one on the list.  Initially the CDC demanded that they be the only ones to create and distribute COVID-19 test.  When they rolled out their test they turned out to be painfully slow and inaccurate (imagine that, the government making something that is slow and inaccurate.)  Tests took up to 3 days for results and there was a significant shortage in the number of tests available.  When the free market finally was allowed to get involved Abbot Labs created a test that gets results in as little as 5 minutes and as of yesterday they were making as many as 50,000 tests daily.  Detroit, Michigan is the first city to be using the tests.

These are just more examples showing that almost no regulation is a good regulation.

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