Saying “Chinese Virus” is not Racist

The Statement above has become a controversial statement over the last week or two.  During this time, the media have been going gangbusters with the notion that calling the novel coronavirus, that started in the wet markets of Wuhan, China, the “Chinese Virus” is a racist slur that is leading to an increase in racist attacks against Asian Americans.  This assertion is patently false and … Continue reading Saying “Chinese Virus” is not Racist

The Socialist States of America

While the news cycle is spending 24 hours a day on the novel coronavirus there is another virus starting to spread through out the United States, socialism.  The national takeover of the private sector is showing slightly in the open light but is occurring mostly in the shadows. Openly we are seeing the federal government telling private business whether or not they can conduct business.  … Continue reading The Socialist States of America

Is COVID-19 the Last Blow for the Mainstream Media?

This is old form of news is dying.  24 hour broadcasting channels, newspapers, magazines are going by the wayside.  With the changes in technology and the way Americans get their news its well known that old forms of news were on their last legs.  Is COVID-19 going to be the straw that broke the camels back? Everyone knew print media was dead.  The way that … Continue reading Is COVID-19 the Last Blow for the Mainstream Media?

Florida Pastor Arrested for Practicing 1st Amendment

Rodney Howard-Browne, pastor of a mega church in Florida was arrested Monday for refusing to not cancel his church services due to the stay at home order issued by Hillsborough County. Pastor Howard-Browne has been charged with unlawful assembly and violation of public health emergency rules.  Both of which are misdemeanors. The Stay at home order only allows the public to leave for essential services.  … Continue reading Florida Pastor Arrested for Practicing 1st Amendment

The Devastating Impacts of the COVID-19 Government Response

Old news is the government passes a “Coronavirus Stimulus Bill” that is supposed to spur the economy and save everyones life… so on and so forth.  This bill is not only bad financially for the country, not only used as a way to push partisan agendas, but also is accomplishing the exact opposite of what it was intended to do. The “Keep American Workers Paid … Continue reading The Devastating Impacts of the COVID-19 Government Response

Big Government Costs Lives COVID-19 Style

Big government sucks.  This is my mantra as a libertarian.  With COVID-19 spreading through the nation like a wildfire we got to see first hand just how bad big government really is.  The failures of the government cost thousands if not millions of American lives. I’ve talked about it in multiple articles before but the biggest thing going against the US in the fight against … Continue reading Big Government Costs Lives COVID-19 Style

Is COVID-19 Saving Lives?

With the novel coronavirus sweeping across the country and the widespread panic it has caused I’m sure this is not a title you were expecting to see. While deaths due to COVID-19 continue to climb we’re going to take a look at the CDC’s numbers for overall deaths in the US to see what affect this has really had. This article’s intention is not meant … Continue reading Is COVID-19 Saving Lives?

Huge FDA Covid-19 breakthrough

One of the biggest problems in our fight against the novel coronavirus.  On Friday Abbot Laboratories announced they got emergency approval on a new testing kit.  This test can tell if someone is infected in as little as 5 minutes. One of the biggest struggles the US has had with combating covid-19 is lack of tests.  Countries that have been the most successful in flattening … Continue reading Huge FDA Covid-19 breakthrough

The Coronavirus “Stimulus” Scam

On Friday President Donald Trump signed the historic covid-19 stimulus bill.  This bill, designed to help keep alive the business that the government forced to shut their door and give the people money to be able to pay their bills, turned into another omnibus spending bill.  Instead of focusing on the business and people that the government forced to stop working they focused on pushing … Continue reading The Coronavirus “Stimulus” Scam