The Dangers of: Fiat Money

This is part 5 in “The Dangers of:” the series. In this piece we dive into the most dangerous and most common form of currency. Fiat Money is a type of currency that is not backed by a commodity like silver or gold, as opposed to hard money which uses currency that is backed by a commodity. Most developed countries are using a fiat currency … Continue reading The Dangers of: Fiat Money

The Introduction to Libertarianism

We hear from those in the Democratic party “you’re an anti-government radical,” and we hear from those in the Republican party “just another group of liberals letting the democrats win,” but what is libertarianism in reality? The Libertarian Party was founded in 1971, but that’s not when the ideology originated. You can see early libertarian thought from English philosopher John Locke in the late 1600’s. … Continue reading The Introduction to Libertarianism

“Cancel Rent” Proclaims US Congresswoman

There are a lot of ideas that have been discussed about how to best deal with the economic downfall that resulted from the governmental shutdown of almost all private businesses.  Small business loans, $1200 checks to almost every American and pumping 35.2 billion taxpayer dollars into the mortgage market are all ideas that have already been implemented.  Rep. Ilhan Omar, the self-proclaimed democratic socialist Congresswoman … Continue reading “Cancel Rent” Proclaims US Congresswoman

The Dangers Of: Conflating Crony Capitalism with the Free Markets

This is Part II of the series “The Dangers of:” and today we are talking about crony capitalism and the conflation with an actual free market economy. Crony capitalism has, in recent years, been deliberately misrepresented as an actual free market economy.  A free market economy is the freest, most liberating economic ideology that could ever exist.  Crony capitalism, on the other hand, is one … Continue reading The Dangers Of: Conflating Crony Capitalism with the Free Markets

Why Fiscal Conservatism Has Gone by the Wayside and How we Can Save it

Government spending is possibly the biggest threat to the future of our country and no one is doing anything about it (click here to see why the national debt matters.) $1 billion here, $50 billion there, the federal budget is mind boggling. In 2019 the Federal Government spent $4,400,000,000,000 that is $4.4 trillion. That budget was 8% higher than the year before. As of now … Continue reading Why Fiscal Conservatism Has Gone by the Wayside and How we Can Save it

The Socialist States of America

While the news cycle is spending 24 hours a day on the novel coronavirus there is another virus starting to spread through out the United States, socialism.  The national takeover of the private sector is showing slightly in the open light but is occurring mostly in the shadows. Openly we are seeing the federal government telling private business whether or not they can conduct business.  … Continue reading The Socialist States of America